Today I am recapping Day 3 of our April/May trip to Disney World!  This was a super exciting day for me because I got to see my friend, Connie, again and I got to see the new Stampin’ Up! catalog that was unveiled to demos a few days before at a movie premiere.


We started off with breakfast at our hotel’s food court and then hopped the bus to Animal Kingdom for the Extra Magic Hour. Once inside, we raced towards Kilimanjaro Safaris.

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We always like to ride this first since the animals are most active in the morning.  After we got off the truck it was time for our Fast Pass for the Safari, so we got in that line and back on the truck again.  We did see some different animals the second time around which was really fun.  Here are a few collages from both rides:


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We headed over to DinoLand U.S.A. for our fast pass at Dinosaur.  I’m not a huge fan of this ride but I can tolerate it for Mike’s sake once in awhile LOL



Then we road Primeval Whirl…it’s a spinning coaster, NOT a fan of that ride and will not do it again! I needed some time to settle my stomach so we went on Triceratop Spin next, which is similar to Dumbo. Just my speed LOL!  We got in line to meet Goofy & Pluto next but the line started getting quite long so we ducked (ha, ha) out to meet Donald Duck who was behind their area.  There was no organization whatsoever so everyone was just standing around waiting when this cast member came along and drew Mickey with water. It was pretty cool!

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Donald showed up and the line formed, but we decided not to wait since it was getting close to the time we were meeting Connie. I was able to snap a quick picture of Donald with my cell phone 🙂



We headed over to the Asia area of the park so Mike could ride Expedition Everest.  I tried it on our first trip and won’t ride it again LOL!



While Mike was on the ride, I walked over to Flame Tree Barbeque to meet Connie.  I ended up taking the scenic route LOL so it took a bit to find her. Thank goodness for cell phones!  We found a table and she told me all about the premiere and showed me the catalog.  Mike came and joined us for lunch which was delicious but scary!  The birds around there are very aggressive and have no problems with trying to steal food. I didn’t like being “on guard” the whole time.


We had some time before our Finding Nemo Musical show, so we saw the Tough to be a Bug show and then walked the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail.

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Then we walked the Maharajah Jungle Trek~

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At some point during the day, Connie and I took this picture at the Tree of Life~



Connie joined us for a little while at the Finding Nemo show and then had to leave. It was so fun to walk around the park with her. Usually we only have time for a quick lunch or dinner.

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After a long, hot day here we are as we leave the park~



We took the bus to Animal Kingdom Lodge to check it out before going to Downtown Disney.  What a gorgeous resort!  I fell in love with the lobby, so many details to look and a nice place just to hang out. It was pouring rain by this point so no animals were out in the viewing areas.

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A peek at the resort exterior from a hallway window~


The next recap will be our dinner at Bongo’s and time spent at Downtown Disney!


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