We left Epcot via the monorail to the TTC to get to the Magic Kingdom…once arriving, we took the ferry as the monorail was down (sigh…I can’t think of ONE time we actually took the monorail from TTC to MK in 4 trips!).  I paid more attention to my surroundings this time since it was much earlier in the day than we are used to hopping to another park. I never realized just how close The Polynesian is to the Grand Floridian, there is actually a walking path!  I took several pictures of the Poly construction, the GF and from a distance, the castle. I absolutely LOVE my camera. I never imagined being able to take sure clear pictures from so far away.





Once we arrived at the Magic Kingdom, I spotted the Goofy statue.  I decided to ask the person that was sitting there if I could possibly take a picture.  Thankfully they said yes!  I saw the statue for the first time in 2011 but it was raining on our way out and then it was so crowded in that area the next two trips! I was SOOO happy to finally take this picture for my Mom. Goofy is her favorite.



We then walked up Main Street and split up with me heading to New Fantasyland for my FP+ ride on Under the Sea and Mike headed to Frontierland to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad using his FP+.



As I was walking towards the ride, I came upon the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and squealed holy #^(*, I could not believe how massive it is!!  After two trips of seeing it all walled off and barely a lot done on it, I was amazed at how it looked all finished. I took a few pictures but we have pictures from later in the trip I will share too.  I will share a video too if Mike can figure out how to upload it here!





I enjoyed my time on Under the Sea as usual, the ride gets a bad rap from a lot of people, as some feel it could have been better done, but The Little Mermaid is my favorite movie and I am easily entertained.


This is one of my favorite scenes from the movie!

As I was getting off the ride, Mike texted me to say that BTMRR was closed due to weather and I thought he was nuts LOL.  I walked a few feet outside the ride and sure enough, it started to sprinkle…and then POUR!  I hurried on over to the Big Top since most of the outdoor rides were closed due to possible thunder/lightening. I walked through the Big Top store to find the character tent.  There was only a 20 minute wait to meet with The Great Goofini and The Astounding Donaldo so I texted Mike to let him know where I was and he planned to meet me.




We did take pictures with them but they were not good lol…thankfully I have better pictures to scrap from a previous trip!

We still had plenty of time to spare before our reservation at Be Our Guest and not much to do in the rain, so we headed over there to see if we could check in early and they said no.  We were not happy since we just wanted somewhere dry to wait.  We headed towards the arches at the front of New Fantasyland and waited there for a bit until it was closer to check in time. Once we checked in, we were given a pager and told to wait on the bridge. Thankfully it stopped raining or did it??  Ha, it stopped and then started up again so the person there let us in the lobby so we didn’t get soaked. We really didn’t want to pull out the ponchos for what we thought would be a short wait.  Dinner was amazing* and it was so cool to meet The Beast afterwards. Even Mike looks short compared to him!

*I will review our dinner in a separate post, it deserves it!


After dinner, we headed over to Frontierland to see if Mike could use his FP+ on BTMRR now that the ride was re-opened. They let him on and I amused myself with my phone checking Twitter for the latest and greatest updates on the Stampin’ Up! Catalog Premiere and I called my mom. Once Mike was off the ride, we went to Adventureland to ride Jungle Cruise in the dark, we missed this ride on the last two trips (once we just skipped it and last year it was down for the Christmas overlay). It was certainly different in the dark!!  I was a bit creeped out at some points and I don’t think I’d ride it again late at night lol.  We went on the Magic Carpets after that and then went to Tomorrowland to use our FP+ for the Tomorrowland Speedway.


While driving around the track, I started hearing “booms” and wondering if thunder was headed our way and as I came around a bend, I saw that Wishes was going on. It was SOOO cool to watch the fireworks as we drove around the track.  One of my favorite moments for sure.  I don’t think you always need to be in front of the castle to really enjoy them. Sure it makes a prettier picture, but for me it’s just knowing I am THERE and getting to see the show.


Next we went to The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, since it had a short wait and we didn’t schedule any FP+ for it later in the trip.  After that we went to see Enchanted Tales with Belle, it only had a 20 minute wait according to the MDE app. As we got closer, cast members had us come in the FP+ queue since the show was going to start soon and it was the last one of the night.  I enjoyed the show and all the details but would love to go back again to check out the standby queue, weird I know LOL!


The talking wardrobe was so cool!



Bad cell phone picture…not sure why I didn’t use my camera.

And with that we thought we were calling it a night until we walked through the castle and realized the Main Street Electrical Parade was making its second run of the night. We found some people sitting on the curb, so we stood behind them and had such awesome views of everything. SO much better than our December 2012 trip where I couldn’t see much since I had people standing in front of me.




Magic Kingdom is my favorite park and I hate leaving but it was a little easier going back to the resort knowing we would be coming back a few times during the week!


Stay tuned for the next installment where I will review our dinner at Be Our Guest!


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