We arrived at The Beach Club just as it started to downpour, so glad we were able to avoid getting soaked!  We looked up Beaches & Cream on the map in the lobby and went to look for it.  We were early so we took our time looking around since we have only been there once before in 2012.  We probably looked silly as we strolled the hallways wondering out loud where the restaurant was! We had no idea it was outside near the pool. The map made it look like it was in a hallway lol.



There was an arcade next to the restaurant so we went in there to hang out. I was happy to find Skeeball, I spent almost all of my $10 just on one machine. I haven’t played it in years!  Mike had fun playing some driving games and then he tried the baseball game.

Kristie's Pictures1



After we each spent our $10, we sat down at this adorable ice cream cone table and played on our phones. I’m so grateful that Disney has free wi-fi all over property! It helped in those moments where we had downtime and wanted to check email, social media, etc.

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It’s small and a bit crowded inside.  The woman behind Mike kept looking at me when I was trying to take picture of our meals & ice cream LOL.  I had the Turkey BLT (minus the T lol) and Mike had a BBQ burger.  Both meals are no longer on the menu. For dessert, I had the No Way Jose sundae and Mike had the Strawberry Shortcake. I think if we go here again, we would just go for dessert. It’s a lot of food in a short amount of time!

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Thankfully by the time dinner was done, the boats were running again and the storms had subsided.

This is the Beach Club~



This is the Yacht Club. Funny story: I had to use the restroom and it was actually in The Yacht Club. I didn’t realize the two resorts were connected.




Here comes the Friendship Boat to take us to Hollywood Studios!




To be continued!


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