Welcome back for another installment of my trip report!


Today I am reviewing our dinner that we had at Be Our Guest~ not the best picture but it was raining and I wouldn’t take my camera out, so I only have this lovely cell phone picture to share.


I have wanted to have dinner here since they announced BOG was opening right before our December 2012 trip. I knew it would be impossible to get dinner reservations then and decided we would try it on our next trip.  Well it was and still IS a very hard reservation to get but there is hope!  We rarely ever book a trip more than 180 days in advance and reservations tend to be snapped up immediately especially when you are staying on-site and have the advantage of booking 180 days + 10 (so you can book your meals starting at 180 for your entire trip as long as it is not longer than the 10 days).  We were unable to snag a reservation for our September 2013 trip, but did have lunch there and I had my heart set on eating dinner there this trip.


I tried for weeks once we booked our trip in January and then was told a lovely tip by someone in one of my Disney FB groups, BOG holds back reservations and releases them a few months in advance, instead of releasing them all at 6 months out. So I was able to book us dinner on our first night!  Since then I have also learned that people will book a reservation there daily until they figure out their schedule and will cancel the ones they don’t want closer to their trip, so it pays to check the website several times a week because you can pick up hard to get reservations that way!







This is a super busy restaurant so be prepared to wait past your reservation time.  I honestly didn’t keep good track of how long we waited but I don’t think it was 10-15 minutes past our reservation time. Once you are seated though, dinner moves quickly! The pictures above are all of the Ballroom, where we were seated. Our server was very attentive but also gave us time to decide on our orders.  We both ordered the Grilled Strip Steak with Garlic Herb butter and Pommes Frites. They were both cooked to perfection and much larger than we expected!  The meal also came with green beans which were delicious.  I didn’t care for the fries at all but the steak & veggies were more than enough to fill me up.



A few times during dinner the Beast walked by!  We were seated right by the main aisle in the Ballroom and it was quite exciting to hear the music change and see him coming.  He walks fast though and it was hard to get a good picture of him.  You do get to meet him afterwards though in a separate room on the way out of the castle.


After we finished our dinner, we wanted to order dessert and they brought the cart over to us.  I chose the “Grey Stuff” which is served on a long, skinny brownie.  The Grey Stuff was yummy but the brownie was a bit on the hard side. The Master’s Cupcake that is served at lunch is MUCH better! Mike was able to get a sugar free dessert as well, the Lemon Raspberry Cream Puff.  You do need to ask for it though as it’s not kept on the cart.



I will admit I was a bit nervous about eating here after reading several poor reviews but I’m glad we took a chance. This is definitely a pricey meal but the steak was well worth it and we would go back again!


Here is us with the Beast! He even makes my 6’1″ hubby look short!


Next up ~ we go to rope drop at Epcot to start Day 2!


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