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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
Kristie has read 0 books toward her goal of 75 books.
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August Books Recap

Good morning! Today I am recapping my books read last month.


#31 The Tailgate by Elin Hilderbrand (ebook)

This was a short story and prequel to The Matchmaker. The main character was quite interesting. She has a phobia of leaving Nantucket that started as a young girl and followed her throughout her life. This story focused on her and her high school sweetheart’s relationship at college.


#32 The Matchmaker by Elin Hilderbrand (ebook)

This book wasn’t what I was expecting after reading the prequel! It was so, so good though. It followed Dabney throughout her life. It was fun to read about her matchmaking experiences.  There was some sad moments though, especially towards the end. I teared up several times!


#33 The Missing Dough by Chris Cavender (Pizza Lovers #6) (ebook)

It’s been awhile since I’ve read Eleanor and Maddie’s adventures. This book was another fun one and I also think there was a bit of character development with Eleanor. She’s slowly but surely accepting that she is moving on from her husband who passed away several years before.  I’m really hoping this series continues but haven’t seen anything about a new release for this year.


#34 Poisoned Prose by Ellery Adams (Books by the Bay #5) (ebook)

I think this was my favorite in the series by far and can’t wait for the next one coming out later this year.  There was quite a bit of character development with the main character, Olivia, and some development with a few members of the Bayside Book Writers group.  The mystery aspect was interesting as it involved more of the town’s residents and had quite the exciting/shocking ending.  I think that will carry through to the next book.


I’m just barely over half of my goal for this year lol…oh well. I will still keep reading and work on my goal better next year! I’ve spent lots of time walking at lunch time and not reading as much.

July Books Recap

Here is what I read in July! I had an excellent month!


#25 Angora Alibi by Sally Goldenbaum (A Seaside Knitters Mystery #7) borrowed from library
This is the first book I’ve read in this series and I really enjoyed it. It had a (long) list of characters in the front of the book so it was easy to know who was who. I enjoyed the characters, mystery and how well written the book was. It was a really, good summer read 🙂


#26 Buried in a Book by Lucy Arlington (Novel Idea #1) ebook

Solid 1st book in the series. I enjoyed the plot, character and unique setting of Inspiration Valley and the Coop.


#27 Cut and Thrust by Stuart Woods (Stone Barrington #30) borrowed from library

I think this was one of the best book in the series! I read it in less than 24 hours. I always enjoy my time spent in Stone Barrington’s world.


#28 Pecan Pies and Homicide by Ellery Adams (A Charmed Pie Shoppe #3) ebook

Loved this book!! So many unexpected twists and turns and I expect the next to be the same. Can’t wait!!


#29 Blackberry Pie by Joanne Fluke (Hannah Swensen #17) hardcover

Another great book in this series. I think the plot was one of the best yet! It was different to see Hannah in the hot seat as the one killing someone (not a spoiler, it’s on the dust jacket!) The outcome is not resolved in this book, so I am assuming it will be addressed in the next book. The love triangle is still there but not as obvious as in prior books. Maybe Hannah is finally leaning towards a choice?? It was nice to see Hannah and Delores working together on the case. I think Delores has been softened since being with Doc and it’s a nice development!


#30 A Broth of Betrayal by Connie Archer (Soup Lover’s Mystery #2) ebook

Another strong entry into this series. I enjoyed the plot and getting to know the characters better.


Right now I’m reading Killing Cupid by Laura Levine, it’s the most recent book in the Jaine Austen mystery series. So far it’s quite entertaining!

Second Quarter Book Report

I have fallen out of habit with doing my monthly recaps but now that June is over I want to share the books I’ve read for the last 3 months.



#13 Pearls & Poison by Duffy Brown (#3 in the Consignment Shop series) ebook

Excellent book!  Aunt Kiki and Reagan kept me laughing throughout the whole book, even Reagan’s mama was more present in this book and she’s a hoot too! There are several scenes that are absolutely hysterical.  I hope there is a 4th book in the works for this series!

#14 Carnal Curiosity by Stuart Woods (#29 in the Stone Barrington series) ebook

I liked the book…but I think I’m getting tired of these 300 page books that take place over a week or two. I’d rather have a book that spans a longer time frame or more time between published books.  Each book continues from where the last book left off but is it necessary to have so many books in one year? The third book for this year comes out in July. That’s $10.99 I’m paying per book and I’m not getting a whole lot of content.  I may switch back to getting the hardcovers from the library. This is one of my favorite series but it’s getting too expensive to keep up with!

#15 Beautiful Day by Elin Hildebrand – ebook

I always love Ms. Hildebrand’s book.  The settings are beautiful and I enjoy the characters.



#16 Dakota Born by Debbie Macomber (#1 in the Dakota series) paperback

This is a really old series that I own but don’t recall ever reading.  I love Debbie’s books and enjoyed the start to this series of hers.

#17 You Cannoli Die Once by Shelley Costa (#1 in the Italian Restaurant mystery series) ebook

I started this book in April for a group read in a Yahoo cozy mystery group, it took me weeks to really get into the book. The characters grew on me about halfway through the book so I’m glad I kept reading it.  I think many areas of the book can improve so I’m looking forward to book #2 to see how the series grows.

#18 Sugar and Iced by Jenn McKinlay (#6 in the Cupcake Bakery mystery series) ebook

I loved everything about this book. Murder, romance, character development. Great settings. The ending was shocking and I cannot wait until the next book is released!

#19 Sweet Suspects by Jessica Beck (#12 in the Donut Shop mystery series) ebook

#20 Deep Fried Homicide by Jessica Beck (#13 in the Donut Shop mystery series) ebook

#21 Custard Crime by Jessica Beck (#14 in the Donut Shop mystery series) ebook

I read all three of the Donut Shop books pretty quickly.  I was happy when Ms. Beck decided to shorten the chapters a bit but it’s already worn thin…each book only covers maybe a few weeks to a month and I think it’s just a ploy to keep people buying books…makes sense for the author but it’s a disservice to the reader. I know I complained up above about the Stone Barrington series but overall I like the characters in those books much better.  The premise of each book in the Donut Shop books seems to drag out and I honestly don’t care what happens next. I actually find Suzanne’s mother and the Chief much more interesting that Suzanne and Grace. Unless I can get these books at the library from now on, I think I’m done with this series.


#22 Bran New Murder by Victoria Hamilton (#1 in the Merry Muffin mystery series) ebook

I adored the setting and the cast of characters. The town was so charming and I thought the mystery aspect was well done. I’m interested to see if Merry continues to build a new life in Autumn Vale.

#23 Bloom and Doom by Beverly Allen (#1 in the Bridal Bouquet Shop mystery series) ebook

Loved this book and I’m so sad that I have to wait until January of next year to read the next one. I love books that have to do with weddings.  The characters were great and I liked learning about the different meanings of flowers.

#24 Yarn Over Murder by Maggie Sefton (#12 in the Knitting mystery series) hardcover borrowed from library

This book was okay.  The story was based on the wildfires in Colorado a few summers ago.  I liked the premise of the book but I think I’m tiring of some of the characters. There isn’t a lot of advancement there, in other series it doesn’t seem to bother me but I’m getting a bit bored with Kelly and her friends.


Have a great day! I’ll hopefully be back tonight with something crafty to share!


January 2014 Recap and a quick creation!

Hi everyone!


It’s almost the end of the month so I’m posting a recap of what I’ve accomplished.  I hope to keep up with it each month (and if you’re wondering why I’m posting on the 30th instead of the 31st, tomorrow is Friday Faves!)

First up, a quick creation from this morning. I saw a challenge yesterday for Anything But a Card at Stampin Royalty and decided to make a bookmark this morning. I picked out a new book to read so naturally I needed a pretty bookmark to put in it!


I started with a PTI white cardstock base and punched it with the SU scalloped tag topper punch and then punched a piece of the Sweet Sorbet DSP to put on top. I added a saying from my MFT Bookmark Duos stamp set and stamped a Petite Petals flower in Crisp Cantaloupe ink onto Crisp Cantaloupe cardstock and punched it out with the Petite Petals punch. To finish it off I added a little rhinestone to the flower center and tied some SU burlap ribbon at the top.

And now we can resume with my accomplishments for the month 🙂


This month I read 5 books:


#1 – Murder on the Half Shelf by Lorna Barrett (Book #6 of the Booktown Mystery series) – paperback from TBR pile

While it wasn’t a bad read per se, it wasn’t my favorite book in the series.  The who/what/why of the mystery aspect was a bit lame and I couldn’t have cared less for who the killer was or their motive. I already have the next book, Not the Killing Type, on my bookshelf but think I will take a break with this series before reading it.


#2 – Merry Market Murder by Paige Shelton (Book #6 of the Farmers Market Mystery series) – ebook

I always enjoy my visits to Monson, SC with this series and this book was no exception. From the trail of mystery ornaments to the revelation about one of the market vendors, it captured my attention.  I really liked seeing Becca & Sam’s relationship develop further as well. I am hoping there will be a Book #7 later this year. I haven’t been able to find any news on it though.


#3 – Holiday Honeymoons by Merline Lovelace & Carole Buck – paperback from ancient TBR pile

I can’t tell you how or when I acquired this book. I have tons and I mean tons of paperback books that I either bought when I worked at Kmart (1996-1999), through eBay, garage sales and many trips to the bookstore. I suspect this might be a Kmart buy since it’s a romance book. This was WAY before I discovered cozy mysteries LOL!  I started to unpack them over the fall and decided I would start reading them so I can purge them after. I don’t have enough shelf space to keep every single book I own.

Anyways back to the book itself.  Cute and typical romance stories. Once in awhile it’s nice to read fluffy stuff.


#4 – Standup Guy by Stuart Woods (#28 in the Stone Barrington series) – ebook

Oy…I always look forward to new books in this series. Yes, the author puts them out quickly and they aren’t the most “deep” books but they are a fun read for me.  This one however…not so much.  I thought Stone was exceptionally stupid in this book.  So many glaringly obvious things going wrong and he just kept looking the other way. I did enjoy the brief reappearance by Holly Barker (really miss her having her own series!) and the way they left things for the next book (which I think comes out in April).  Since I read them so fast, I’d like to start the series over again but this book I’d skip.


#5 – Let’s Play Dead by Sheila Connolly (#2 in the Museum Mysteries series) – ebook

Another not so favorite book this month. I had high hopes for this series but I am wondering if I should continue it. I think I may take a break for now and catch up on others. I know why Nell wanted to get involved in the mystery but SO many things didn’t make sense in this book. She just took over the Director position of the Society and hired a few people with no background/reference checks. Who does that??  It drove me crazy.  It was a little surprise on who knew who in this book and I didn’t make the connection at first but it still seemed a little far fetched, it’s a small world and all but not that “small”.


Let’s hope next month’s read are better!


On the crafty front, I had these accomplishments:

I made the 3 calendar panels at the beginning of the month and will make February’s tonight and tomorrow so I can share on Saturday.  I also made 15 cards (!!!) and 3 layouts.  I had hoped to get more scrapping done but that obviously didn’t happen…looking forward to Super Bowl Sunday which I’ve renamed “Scrapbook Sunday” and President’s Day weekend.  I’m getting the itch to finally use my Silhouette so hopefully you will be seeing some projects with that soon.


I started the new “Friday Faves” series AND I also blogged 27 times* this month!!  That is the MOST posts in one month in My Paper Life’s history.  I’m hoping to keep up with the almost daily posting. I’m having great fun sharing stuff here!


I hope you all had something to be proud about this month too! Have a great weekend!


*counting tomorrow’s post