Well…this month wasn’t as good as last month.  Too many other distractions…cough…iPad mini…cough LO


Illegally Iced by Jessica Beck

This is the 9th book in the Donut Shop series.  As we expect, Suzanne jumps right into investigating the murder. I have to admit although it was an okay entry in the series, I was actually getting tired of Suzanne not thinking of her safety when investigating. She did redeem herself at one point during the story.  Usually I have the next book pre-ordered as soon as I know about it but until today I haven’t actually looked….maybe I’m getting tired of this series?  Nah…just a little more aware of the main character’s faults after reading some comments on a buddy read a Yahoo group did.  I just did some research and book #10 will be released in July. Yay!


Fundraising the Dead by Sheila Connolly

I’ve heard that this series is kind of dull on the above referenced Yahoo group but I really enjoyed learning about the characters and how museums work and I love the city of Philly!  I think the plot line was well written.  Naturally the “heroine” goes exploring and gets herself into trouble but she did alert others first thankfully. A bit refreshing compared to other main characters in series that I read.  Once I catch up on some other series I plan on ordering the next few books.


Deep Dish by Mary Kay Andrews

I can’t remember why I bought this book but what a laugh out loud read.  I first thought it was dull and wondered why I was still reading it but then it took a turn for the better. I think the turning point for me was when the characters went to their cooking competition on the island. I really enjoyed the mixing and mingling of characters and the character development.  I wish this was a series because I’d like to know what the main characters are up to now!


While I did do well by adding to my ebook challenge, I flunked reading any paper books from my TBR pile…and with only one month left until that challenge ends I need to get a move on it!