Whoops, forgot to post this at the beginning of the month!


Here are the books I read last month…3 again!


18. Sweet Tea Revenge by Laura Childs (ebook)

The latest installment in the Tea Shop series.  Theo’s friend Delaine was getting married by the groom got knocked off.  I did not guess “who did it” and already forgot who it was!  I like the relationships between the main characters for this series, not necessarily the mystery aspects.


19. Collateral Damage by Stuart Woods (ebook)

20. Unintended Consequences by Stuart Woods (ebook)

Both Stuart Woods books were excellent as usual.  I know some complain about how fast he writes…and as fast as he writes, I read them just as fast. There are several layers to each story and each book continues in “real time”.  Collateral Damage starts shortly after the last book and then Unintended Consequences continued that story.  I am just fascinated by the plots Mr. Woods comes up with, especially in the latest book.  I miss how each book used to start at Elaine’s but since the restaurant does not exist anymore, this last book at a great opening to it. One I certainly wasn’t expecting! The next book comes out in October and I’ve already got it pre-ordered for my Kindle.


This month is a slow go…currently reading Oak and Dagger, the 3rd book in a cozy mystery series.  According to Goodreads, I’m 9 books behind my yearly go at this point.  I need to start scheduling more than my lunch hour for reading!