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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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Apple Picking 2014

We went apple picking last weekend. It turned out to be super hot and where we picked (the Cortland apples) were a bit picked over so I couldn’t reach anything.  Mike was able to pick enough for us to make something with this week.







Here is the apple pear crisp we made the other night…it’s not pretty but it was delicious! Click HERE for the recipe we used.



Have a great night!


Our First Trip to Yankee Stadium

Well we’ve seen our teams play each other in Fenway Park so it’s only fair that we see them play in Yankee Stadium too! I have to say…I wasn’t overly impressed. It’s too big and impersonal.  Fenway feels like home with its charm and character. We had awesome seats and really did enjoy the game.  It was pretty close with the Yankees winning (boo!) by just one run.




I have to say I’m highly disappointed with Mickey!!






The traitor…Jacoby Ellsbury.  So sad that he is playing for them but damn he is still good looking and still a fantastic player.




Big Papi!!!  I was happy to get some good pictures of him for my scrapbook…was highly disappointed that Dustin Pedroia was out of the game though. He was on his way back to Boston to get his wrist examined. We were also both sad to miss Derek Jeter but I did get a couple of so-so shots of him in the dugout.



Mike Napoli got a solo home run for us. Yay! It wasn’t enough to help us win though since the Yankees scored after that.








Thanks for visiting!



Our annual trek to Kent Falls!

Once a year in the fall we take a drive up to Kent Falls which is about an hour from here. The weather was perfect today!! Last year we froze lol

Here are a few pictures I took with Instagram~





It was a bit of a bummer not to see a ton of color like we hoped. We seem to be too early or late each year lol. One of these years we will get it right! I did take several pictures with my camera and hope to scrap them soon.

Time for me to go watch my Red Sox in Game 1 of the ALCS!!!!! So excited!! Go Sox!!

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Food Truck Festival

Good morning!  Apologies to my email subscribers who received a post with a blank title and no text in the post!  I have been trying to blog from the WordPress mobile app and it is NOT working in my favor.  It used to but now when I save a post it’s automatically publishing.  I’m sure it’s something I’m doing wrong LOL. Will have to look into it more!


Yesterday Mike and I met up with my sister, her husband and my adorable nephew at a Food Truck Festival held at one of the outlet centers nearby.  There was about a dozen or so trucks.  Quite a few of these trucks actually park on the street where my office is located but I never take the time to stop and explore what they have (the cupcake truck being the exception LOL – and that one was SO popular that I skipped waiting in line).


First up – Fryborg.  They have plain fries which you can dip in a variety of sauces/dressings.  They also have gourmet sandwiches/fries.



We opted for the plain fries with Guiness Mustard and Smoky Ketchup.  Thumps up for the ketchup from me and Mike liked the mustard.  I did try it but since I don’t like beer, eh I was not a fan! The fries were delicious – nice and crispy, just the way I like them.  Since this one comes near my office, I may need to stop and try some of the other sauces on the menu.





“Auntie, please take me out!!”  He really wanted to be out in the action but he can’t walk yet so it wasn’t a good idea to have him crawling around!



This is the Away Cafe.  I’ve never heard of them before and I can’t seem to locate a webpage.  I wanted to try the Fried Dough until I found out they didn’t have sauce, only powdered sugar and cinnamon.  I did try a few bites of my sister’s though. It was tasty just not my thing.




Hubby opted for the Grilled Cuban sandwich.  He enjoyed it!




“Uncle Mike, are you sure you don’t want to share that sandwich with me???”



All in all it was a fun time and I’m glad we took some time to go.  The scrapbook store being down the street was another incentive LOL.  I stopped in and picked up 2 6×6 pads – Echo Park’s A Perfect Summer and a patriotic line from Doodlebug.


Have a great day!