One of my BFFs and I went to see Scotty McCreery in concert last night. It was AWESOME!!!!!


I used to be an Idol fan…before this new season with Mariah Carey and Lady Gaga as judges, not fans of them.  Scotty is one of my all time fave Idols.  My pick from the auditions to win it and yes, I voted A LOT lol!  So when I heard he was coming to a venue close to home, I just HAD to get tickets the day they went on sale.  From audition to watching him win Idol and then to see him perform live, just WOW.  He really has grown so much as a singer and performer. I’d gladly go see him again…although I am sure he will be playing a much bigger venue and have higher ticket prices next time he passes through my state!


Here are some pictures I took last night.  We had floor seats and they were great.  Had great views of Scotty all night except when some teeny boppers were standing and were forced to sit back down a few times.  I am so happy that I was able to get quite a few good pictures to scrapbook.  I wasn’t sure how good they would be since I couldn’t use the flash.


Sarah Darling opened for Scotty.  It was driving me crazy because she looked and sounded familiar…then she said the magic words “The Bachelor”. Aha, that’s where I know her from!! She sang a concert for Sean and Lindsay.




Scotty comes out finally!!!



I love you this big!







Sarah Darling and Scotty singing a Garth Brooks song P1070331







Thanks for visiting!  Next month I’m going to see The Package tour at the casino, can’t wait!!  New Kids on the Block, 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men.  I have wanted to see NKOTB since I was a teeny bopper myself LOL and am so happy hubby scored us tickets!!