On the first of each month, I plan to post my intentions with regards to my crafting, reading & home stuff.  I will continuously update this post as I go, as I think it will be easier than a round up at month’s end. I’m hoping to have a more fulfilling crafty life while still reading and getting my home in order.



  • Do Clean & Simple Cardmaking 1 class (10 lessons)
  • Start Clean & Simple Cardmaking 4 class (starts Jan. 26th)
  • Make 5 cards using new spring/SAB Stampin Up products – 2/5 as of 1/12/15
  • Make 5 cards using January 2015 Simon Says Stamp card kit
  • Make 5 valentine cards using TE Formula for Love card kit – 3/5 as of 1/2/15
  • Make 5 pages for my Mom’s Disney album
  • Make 5 traditional pages for my album (pick from the huge stack of photos, no printing new ones!) – 2/5 as of 1/31/15
  • Mail 5 cards from my stash – 15/5 as of 1/31/15 (mostly birthday…who knew that I had so many January birthdays on my calendar!)
  • and here is the biggie – NO BUY for January.  That’s right, I am planning to USE my stash and not buy anything for 31 days. Wish me luck!! – I blew that on 1/9/15…starting over as of 1/10/15! I held strong and continued through the end of the month without buying craft products! Yay me!



  • Read 5 books (mix of e-book, hardcover & paperback) – in bold are the ones I read…
    • Insatiable Appetites by Stuart Woods (comes out Jan. 6th – ebook) – finished 1/16/15
    • Book Clubbed by Lorna Barrett (hardcover) – started 1/1/15 but it’s slow going…
    • The Chocolate Puppy Puzzle by Joanna Carl (paperback)
    • The Accidental Tourist by Anne Tyler (ebook) – finished 1/14/15
    • The Baker’s Daughter by Sarah Mccoy (ebook)

Instead of picking another book from my list, I read Death by Cashmere by Sally Goldenbaum, great book! I ordered the next one from Amazon really cheap…actually free with my Amazon Visa points! I also finished late on the 31st, For Whom the Bluebell Tolls by Beverly Allen, great 2nd installment of the Bridal Bouquet Shop series!



  • Bring all bags from dining room to Goodwill – done 1/19/15
  • Go through two piles in guest room – done 1/17/15
  • Go through one pile in dining room closet – done 1/18/15
  • Read 5 old magazines – 10/5 as of 1/18/15
  • Decorate hallway table for winter – decorated the side/buffet table in the dining room instead. I can’t find half of my winter decorations!