TGIF! I am so looking forward to having 3 days off!!  Hoping to catch up on some stuff around the house and get several scrapbook pages made.


Here’s what caught my eye this week~


So American Idol is back!  I took last season off because I wasn’t crazy about the judge panel but having Harry Connick, Jr. this season drew me in. He is AWESOME!!  I think J-Lo and Keith are a bit on the soft side but Harry has great input, full of humor and charm. I have several favorites already although I can’t remember their names LOL!


Is anyone watching the Bachelor??  I am trying to get into it but it’s hard. There are other shows I watch on Mondays so I’m always behind and try to catch up On Demand over the weekends. Any favorites so far?  I did see one girl I liked, Juan Pablo had the first one on one date with her – forgot her name too. Maybe I should write this stuff down???


THIS card, by Nancy, is SO cool!  I love how she added shading/depth to the fence and the flowers are so cheerful!


Have you ever tried to freeze a bubble? This blogger did!  What a cool and fun experiment!


I pinned this recipe for Barbecue Chicken Hash Brown Casserole a few weeks ago.  We are going to give it a try this weekend!


Did you know you can create your own designs on mugs with Sharpies?  Check it out HERE!  In my house, Sharpies are always disappearing. I’m not sure why though when it’s just hubby and I!


Have you ever wanted to try the “Grey Stuff” from Beauty & the Beast?  I tried it at the Be Our Guest restaurant in the Magic Kingdom last September. YUM!!  Now you can make it at home! Check out THIS RECIPE posted by Chip & Co.


And lastly, check out THIS CARD posted yesterday by Joni Nina Andaya yesterday. Oh my WOW!  It’s just stunning!  I especially loved how she used the sequins.


Thanks for visiting today!