On to my favorite links ~

Do you have any foam Thickers? I have several packages and saw this cool tip last week on how to add texture to them!


Shaker cards are making a huge comeback from what I have seen on the web over the last few weeks. THIS masculine one is just awesome!!


Have you used any of the cutting plates that several companies are putting out?  Here is a cool tutorial on how a blogger made several cards using one.


Oh and we tried a recipe for Sausage and Potato Bake a few weekends ago – two thumbs up from us!  We will be making this one again. However we tried this recipe for Original Ranch Roasted Potatoes to make with the leftover potatoes and it was not very flavorful at all.  So I think we will find another use for the extra potatoes when we have them.


And since it’s the last day of the month, here are my accomplishments 🙂


Books Read~  Pitiful total LOL…I do have 2 other books started that I am halfway through.

#6 Assault & Batter (#11 in the Donut Shop mystery series)

This is one of the best books of the series.  The author has made some changes which I didn’t even realize until I read her note at the end. The book just flowed so nicely, it was a pleasant change from the last one which I didn’t care for. The books are a little shorter now, you get to the conclusion more efficiently than in the past and the recipes are now at the end of the book instead of within each chapter.


#7 A Spoonful of Murder (#1 in the Soup shop mystery series)

This is a great new series.  I really like the characters, setting, and storyline.  I love how the main character, Lucky, didn’t automatically trust everyone she meets. Although she did jump to some off based conclusions, it was refreshing to see her not be gullible and accept what she hears at face value.



I made 16 cards and 8 10 layouts (4 6 single pages and 2 double pages) with 18 21 pictures scrapped. I am aiming each month to have the number of pictures scrapped higher than the number of pages. While I love one photo layouts, I have so many pictures to get on paper!  I will be participating in an online crop this weekend so I am hoping to blow this number out of the water for March!


Have a great weekend!