As I said in a post a week or so ago, I couldn’t decide on anything for the coming year. My mind was a mixed up jumble of stuff!


After talking with my husband, I decided to set goals for our home and for my crafting/reading.  I know I may not finish everything but I think having some guidance on areas I’d like to focus on will help immensely.  I have pages set up on here to keep me on track.  I’m hoping I can make a little progress each month.


I also wasn’t planning on a word for 2014 but one found it’s way to me this morning.




Here is some inspiration I found for my word~

Do what  makes you  happy:) #34499


Nothing is perfect...quotes with pictures do something today


do something creative


Do something that piques your interest. #resolutions


DO something for yourself.



I plan on keeping this word in the forefront of my mind as I go through life each day. I’ve started a Pinterest board for my word and have pinned several quotes I found already and plan to add more as I find them.


Have you/are you selecting a word for the upcoming year?


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