As is natural this time of year, I’ve been reflecting on the past 12 months and thinking ahead to the New Year.  Beware, lots of random thoughts I’ve been thinking finally tumbling out.


I love to make lists and I love to check things off those lists…however this year I didn’t cross off as much as I hoped. Did I make too many lists? Did I set my goals too high?  Or was I just a lazy slug some of the year.  To be honest, it was all of the above.


My major accomplishments were redoing my craft room and finishing two book series.  Nothing earth shattering but they were things on my list.  I still have several book, craft and personal goals that were never met. Did they have to be met? No, but it would have been nice checking off a few more things.


What do I want to do next year?  I have no idea…I did discuss it with a friend and she suggested setting a few goals and not publicizing them.  I did think about doing that since I would only be liable to myself and not feeling like I have to “check in” on the blog…but I do like having that record to go back and look upon to see where I’ve been spending (or not) my time.


I didn’t pick a word for 2013 and I’m wondering if that is where I could have made things better. To have that word as motivation to keep me going. Or would have that just added additional pressure on me (and I know no one else is putting that pressure on me besides me). I can be my own worst enemy at times!


Right now, I’m leaning towards picking a goal each month to focus on instead of having lists upon lists to choose from. I think narrowing my focus may help and hopefully blogging about them will keep me in check. I could change my mind in the next 10 days too. We’ll see!


I’m happy to at least get this stuff out of my head for now!


Thanks for reading,