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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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24 hours later!

I took these pictures about 8 am about 24 hours after the blizzard started.


The snow is level from our front door all the way across the street! It’s crazy!!!


I leaned out the front door and stuck this yardstick as far as I could reach without falling out the door LOL

Hubby is out now trying to snowblow a path…although we are homebound until at least tomorrow. The roads and highways are closed and our street hasn’t seen a plow yet. The mayor says it will take at least a week to be able to plow all the streets in our city. We live on a bus route so hopefully we see a plow later today or tomorrow!

No crafting here yet but I did print pictures for 2 layouts last night. I will be searching for paper soon so I hope to share a finished page or two later!

One Response to “24 hours later!”

  • Barbara Greenberg:

    You are going to have plenty of winter pictures to scrap.
    Being on a bus route should get your street some priority for clearing.
    Good Luck