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LOAD29!!!!! Say Cheese!

I did it!!!!!!!!!! LOAD216 is complete!!!!   I am so proud of myself for finishing…several…

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LOAD 26-28

Good morning!   I am sharing Days 26-28 in this post, so close to the…

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LOAD 22-24

Three days of LOAD rolled into one blog post!   Here is Day 22.  A…

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LOAD20 – This is Bliss

Happy Saturday!   I turned the computer on last night but then never did anything…

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LOAD19 – Around the World with Friends

TGIF!   We are flashing back to last Friday’s page.  This page was also for…

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LOAD25 – Good Times + Imaginisce Sketch

Skipping over several LOAD pages to get this one posted in time for the deadline….

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LOAD16 – From Big to Small

TGIF!   I’m still on track with LOAD, just not posting them here daily.  This…

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LOAD7 – Trail’s End Dinner

Today’s prompt was an easy one – food! I always have plenty of food pictures…

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LOAD4 – The Happiest Cruise That Ever Sailed

It’s a good thing the deadline for entering pages is 12am PST! This layout took…