I can’t believe it’s the Friday before Christmas already! The last few weeks have flown by and I haven’t been doing much at all.  Some presents are wrapped, some are not…at least they are all finally here though so I will need to get busy this weekend!  I still need to make a few Christmas cards too, nothing like waiting until the last minute LOL! I still have a lingering cough that is making me crazy.  Hubby has been ill the last week and a half too.  I’m hoping he will be better soon to enjoy the holiday.


Last weekend I finally spent some time photographing our trees and decorations.  You will see a lot more pictures on scrapbook pages but I wanted to at least share the trees now.


This is the living room tree. It’s a 6 1/2 ft pre-lit tree.  We used it once a few years ago.  I typically like using our 7 1/2 ft tree that my parents gave us but I decided to switch up the layout of the room this year and the smaller tree fit better. I did load it up with ornaments though (and still had plenty left over!) The tree skirt was crocheted by my Mom for our first Christmas in the house several years ago.




This is the dining room tree.  I was debating about putting it up this year but since I put it up every year since we moved it, how could I not? Most of the ornaments on this one were purchased specifically for this tree. Its my outdoorsy tree. Birds, Smores ornaments, anything that looks rustic or outdoorsy that I come across. I like to buy a few new ones each year, although I may run out of room soon.  I’m still on the hunt for a tree skirt for this tree (or to have mom make one!)



This is the first time I’ve decorated in my craft room since it’s the first year I’ve had room to do so. I bought this 3 1/2 ft pink tree from Walmart after Christmas about 3 years ago specifically for my room and bought “sweet” ornaments to decorate it. It has a pink tree skirt too but I didn’t find it until after I took the pictures.



Someday I would love to have a tree in every room! Yes, I’m Christmas crazy LOL!  I still have two trees that haven’t made it out of their boxes yet. A 6 1/2 ft white tree that I would love to decorate in an all Disney theme and a 4 ft white tree to go in our guest room (someday when I can get it cleaned up!!).


Thanks for looking!