Matchup Challenge

I thought I would share how I came up with my Matchup Challenge and a little bit about it since I’ll be referencing it often.


I am always trying to find new ways to motivate myself to use my stash. One day my mind was wandering and said what if I “match” up a stamp company with a paper company and make a card. So I made a spreadsheet with a lot of the stamp companies in my stash and a list of the paper manufacturers in my stash. I sorted the lists from A-Z and started it briefly in December.  It fell by the wayside with the holiday and then I decided to revamp it before the new year with adding in a twist. The twist is a list of items/techniques/tools to use with my daily card.


Here is a screenshot of what a week looks like~



The ‘S’ column is if I have 12×12 paper. Ideally I’d like to make a layout with that company’s paper each day, but that isn’t a realistic goal with my limited crafting time.  The column after the twist column is if the stamp or paper company have their own dies/paper/etc. I’d like to try to incorporate them into the same card or an additional card. Again I don’t have a lot of time so it’s not always going to happen.


The last column is my “Teach Myself Something New” each week.  It’s either a new technique or tutorial from Splitcoast Stampers or Jennifer McGuire’s site. There are a few that I’ve tried before but rarely re-visit them and I’d like to try them again.


I did a 6 month list initially and then expanded it to the full year. I mixed up the lists a bit more for the second half by sorting Z-A for some columns. I am really enjoying this so far even if I don’t get to create the cards daily. I like the challenge of pulling a random set from the company of the day and making it work with the random pad that I pull from the paper company. Adding in the twist makes it even more fun! I’m hopeful that I will make good use of my stash this year!